Right at the heart of Bernafon’s mission is a commitment to helping people with hearing difficulties regain their quality of life. This means improving the clarity of their communication with family, friends and the wider world. Since 1946, we have striven to develop the highest quality hearing systems possible, and they consistently outstrip user expectations. This is in large part thanks to the precision Swiss engineering and outstanding innovation, coupled with our firm commitment to a personalised level of service. Bernafon’s vision The ability to hear, interpret and understand sound forms a large part of the human experience. That’s why Bernafon firmly believes in using technological advancements to give people with hearing difficulties the ability to communicate again, without limitation. Bernafon’s global headquarters are in Bern, Switzerland. The UK head officers are in Hamilton, Scotland.


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Bernafon’s approach to speech processing is what makes their products unique amongst other manufacturers. Using technology called ChannelFree™, they ensure that users can enjoy better speech understanding and a clearer, more natural sound. ChannelFree™ technology looks at the characteristics of speech in sentences and breaks down the sentences into phonemes. These are the smallest unit of sound possible in a word and ChannelFree™ technology ensures that they receive the right amplification in comparison to louder sounding phonemes. ChannelFree™ technology does not divide sound signals into frequency channels but instead applies up to 20,000 gain adjustments per second to each phoneme. This is crucial for optimised speech comprehension. Conventional hearing instruments use syllabic compression to amplify sound. Speech is amplified based on syllables. However, this approach comes with the downside that softer sounding letters in sentences, such as ‘c’ ‘t’ and ‘s’, may not be amplified enough. ChannelFree™ products, hearing aid wearers can overcome this problem allowing a more natural sound in addition to better speech understanding.


Zerena is Bernafon’s latest premium hearing instrument family to feature the outstanding DECS technology, a quantum leap within the hearing industry. Tools like Dynamic Noise Management, Dynamics Amplification Control and Dynamic Speech Processing work together to provide a seamless level of performance, even in highly active environments. Collectively, they offer the very best of new hearing technology. Zerena hearing aids work in a wide variety of situations, allowing users to hear and communicate whatever the circumstances. With a Zerena hearing aid, you will receive a premium sound experience. As well as boasting a sleek design, it contains various dynamic features, multiple connectivity options and a super-fast processing chip. Older hearing aids rely on a form of technology that would analyse an environment’s sound, and then use that information to amplify that sound accordingly. With DECS technology, the process is far more instantaneous. This allows for a more seamless transition when the noise around you is constantly changing, helping you to stay in sync. The ability of the Zerena hearing aid to react so quickly to changes in your environment is in large part due to the super-fast processing chip. It powers a smart control system that is able to analyse a soundscape at phonemic speed, detecting which bits of speech or noise to amplify and which to reduce. Thanks to DECS technology, users can enjoy maximum speech comprehension and comfort with minimal effort. With the Zerena hearing aid doing all the hard work of sorting relevant sounds from unwanted background noise, you can simply concentrate on what is important to you. The Zerena range is available in three technology levels; Zerena 9, Zerena 7 and Zerena 5 and available in three styles: miniRITE, miniRITE-T and BTE. The Zerena miniRITE can also be turned into a rechargeable hearing aid using the ZPower battery kit. Compatible with a range of Bluetooth devices, Zerena is at the forefront of modern wireless technology. This results in many benefits: convenient hands-free use of your mobile phone, better speech understanding and sound perception with less disturbing background noise, or an individually set volume when watching TV with others. As well as this, there is an app for iPhone and Android smartphones to help discreetly control the hearing aids. Users can change programme, volume and check battery level all through the App.

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