For over 70 years, Phonak has been working tirelessly to create hearing solutions which enable people to live full and active lives, without the limitations a hearing loss can bring.

Renowned for producing high quality hearing aids, Phonak continuously strives to create revolutionary hearing solutions which push the boundaries of possibilities. Phonak has an evolving portfolio of products which fulfil our mission; we are committed to changing lives.

Phonak’s heritage is built on a deep audiological understanding; creating solutions, initially, for children and individuals with severe-to-profound hearing losses. Today, Phonak provide hearing aids in over 100 countries around the world.


Phonak Ranges

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Our latest platform of hearing aids, Belong™, boasts a range of products: invisible, In-the-Ear, Receiver-in-the-Canal & Behind-the-Ear hearing aids, so whatever your hearing loss, Phonak has a solution to suit.

As you browse the Phonak products, you can identify all Belong hearing aids with the ‘B’ in their name. The number that follows (90, 70, 50, 30), signifies technology level. A B-90 hearing aid is a top of the range of hearing aid, bursting with features and programmes. On the other hand a B-30 is a more basic hearing aid, which still provides a fantastic sound quality, but may be more suited to more sedentary lifestyles.

All Belong hearing aids feature an innovative operating system, called AutoSense™. This enables the hearing aids adapt to over 200 different sound environments automatically. There’s no need to worry about changing programmes, all you have to do is turn them on- the rest is automatic.
Within the Belong portfolio, there are some incredible new technologies:

  • Rechargeable hearing aids

In 2017, Phonak launched the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aids on the market. The hearing aids feature a lithium-ion battery which offers 36 hours of hearing with one simple charge. They are also available to buy with a power pack to help you conveniently charge if you’re travelling or on holiday.

  • Direct Connectivity

Phonak’s Audeo B Direct, is another exciting technology which enables your hearing aids to act like a hands-free device for your mobile, and also connects directly to your TV. These hearing aids work with i-Phone, Android and other mobiles, just pair your hearing aids via the Bluetooth technology and away you go!

Titanium In-the-Ear hearing aids are an alternative to traditional acrylic In-the-Ear hearing aids. Small, strong and discreet, with a shell as thin as piece of paper (half as thick as traditional In-the-Ear hearing aids), a custom Titanium hearing aid can be built even smaller for the ultimate invisible solution. As a result, Titanium may be suitable for individuals with incredibly small ear canals who were previously unable to wear an In-the-Ear device. Furthermore, its thanks to it’s Titanium shell, Phonak are also able to squeeze in more technology into the hearing aids, so they’re suitable for people with Severe-to-Profound losses.

At Phonak, we pride ourselves on quality. We invest heavily into research and development, and are confident we’ve got a solution to suit everyone.
Take a moment and simply listen to the world around you.

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