Zerena 7

The Zerena 7 hearing device technology sits just under the Zerena 9 range from Bernafon. While it is not quite as good as the Zerena 9, Bernafon has still packed it with high technology hearing aid features. You can expect the Zerena 7 range to deliver high-quality hearing in complex sound environments.

Available in a range of colours

£500 - £1,000
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Key Benefits

  • Drown Out Background Noise
    Drown Out Background Noise
  • Fully Automatic
    Fully Automatic
  • Highest Fitting Flexibility
    Highest Fitting Flexibility
  • Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Zerena 7 ’s super-fast and powerful chip includes the new smart dual-radio wireless technology with 2.4 GHz direct-to-hearing-aid and NFMI ear-to-ear technology. That means that just like the Zerena 9 you can enjoy direct audio streaming from your iPhone straight to your ears. It also provides seamless communication between the two hearing instruments which is used to give you the best sound possible in every situation.

Automatic Hearing Aids

Bernafon believe that in real life, the sound environment is active and constantly changing. Our surroundings constantly change between calm and quiet to excited and loud very quickly. They believe that offering a dynamic and automatic hearing aid is the answer to the question. The Zerena 7 digital hearing aids include features that:

  • keep pace with the listening conditions giving instantaneous and seamless amplification
  • no longer limit the instrument performance based on environment classification rules
  • stay in sync with the listening conditions
  • allow the user to understand speech while still providing comfort even with sudden changes in the sound scene.

Zerena 7 achieves this with new technology that they call Dynamic Environment Control System™ or DECS™. DECS is the core Bernafon’s strategy to help you hear better. It works in changing listening environments, resulting in dynamic and seamless amplification for you at all times. Bernafon hearing systems look at the world as it is and then make constant changes to how the hearing aids work to deliver the best hearing ability.

Premium features

The Zerena 7 range of digital hearing aids still offer a number of the premium Bernafon features. However, they have been reduced in comparison to the to the premium Zerena 9 range. Here are the important differences between them.

The Dynamic Environment Control System™ (DECS™), (the brain of the hearing aids) in the Zerena 7 features the Silver version of this technology, which includes one Dynamic Directionality setting and four Dynamic Noise Reduction settings. This is reduced from the Zerena 9, which features 2 Dynamic Directionality settings and the same four Dynamic Noise Reduction settings.

The Dynamic Amplification Control System which is a part of the DECS™ system offers four Speech in Noise management settings in comparison to the Zerena 9’s six settings. It also offers two Comfort in Noise settings compared to four on the Zerena 9.

The Dynamic Range Extender which allows loud sounds to be heard clearly (could matter for concerts or live music) is not present in the Zerena 7.

The Transient Noise Reduction feature which handles sudden impact sounds has three options in the Zerena 7, in comparison to four in the Zerena 9.

The Zerena 7 range offers an 8 kHz Frequency Bandwidth which is wide but is reduced from the 10 kHZ bandwidth of the Zerena 9.

The Zerena 7 range provides 14 Fitting Bands in comparison to 16 in the Zerena 9. Which means that the 7 can be customised quite well to your hearing loss but not quite as well as the 9.

The True Directionality feature which mimics the way we hear sound naturally is only present in the Zerena 9 range.

Tinnitus SoundSupport

The Zerena 7 implements amplification and tinnitus relief together in one solution. It offers various tinnitus relief sounds as part of different sound therapies.

Zerena 7 Models

The Zerena 7 range is available in a full range of hearing aid types, two Receiver In The Ear (RITE) models, one of which has a rechargeable option. A Behind The Ear (BTE) Model and finally five custom or In The Ear models (ITE). All of the hearing aids in the range except the two smallest, the Completely In Canal (CIC) and the Invisible In Canal (IIC or Invisible hearing aid) are direct connection Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. The new invisible hearing aid from is the smallest IIC they have ever made and they say it will fit up to 80% of ears.

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