Naida B

Phonak introduces the 5th generation of one of the world’s most reliable and powerful hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss.   The Phonak Naída B-R RIC is the most feature-rich rechargeable hearing aid from the brand’s portfolio and makes life-changing differences to people who require significant help with their hearing.

Available in a range of colours

£500 - £1,000
rated 5/5
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Key Benefits

  • Drown Out Background Noise
    Drown Out Background Noise
  • High Frequency Boost
    High Frequency Boost
  • Rechargeable Battery
    Rechargeable Battery
  • Short & Long Distances
    Short & Long Distances

Phonak’s latest release of hearing aids featuring industry-leading Phonak Belong technology, designed to make you feel at home in your immediate surroundings, no matter where that may be.


SoundRecover2 technology maintains the quality of low-frequency sounds, whilst making high-frequency sounds much easier for you to hear again.


The power of Binaural VoiceStream Technology also allows you to effortlessly listen to quiet voices in highly challenging listening environments.


The Phonak Naída B is infused with Roger microphone technology, enabling you to experience improved hearing performance in both short and long distance noise.


Comes with a regular battery as standard, with rechargeable models also available. The rechargeable Phonak Naída B-R is fitted with a specially designed lithium-ion battery that will enable you to use your hearing aids for up to 24 hours after just 3 hours of charging time, or for up to 6 hours with a quick 30-minute charge. There are multiple ways to charge your hearing aids, which means you’ll never be without them ever again. The condition of the battery also won’t deteriorate with repeat charging, nor can it be ‘overcharged’, meaning constantly having to replace your battery will become a thing of the past.


Phonak Naída B employs a unique operating system named AutoSense OS, which has the ability to auto-adapt to 200 different settings depending on your listening environment, whether that be at home, in a restaurant, or even in a noisy concert hall. This makes it an incredibly popular choice as a hearing aid for severe to profound hearing loss.


This range also boasts a 10% improvement in the comprehension of soft-speech compared to Phonak’s previous products.

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