Virto B

Introducing the world’s first in-ear hearing aids that harness the power of Biometric Calibration. The Phonak Virto B uses this trailblazing technology to analyse the anatomy of the ear, giving you access to unrivalled hearing performance.   Everything about this hearing aid is bespoke, from the shape to the software configuration, which means you’ll be receiving a product that is completely tailored to your listening needs.

Available in a range of colours

£500 - £1,000
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Key Benefits

  • Adapts To Your Ears Anatomy
    Adapts To Your Ears Anatomy
  • Auto-adjust To Your Surroundings
    Auto-adjust To Your Surroundings
  • Custom Made
    Custom Made
  • Discreet

Phonak’s latest portfolio of hearing aids featuring pioneering Phonak Belong technology, designed to make you feel at one with your environment, no matter where you are.


In the Phonak Virto B, Biometric Calibration is used to take into account the ear’s anatomy and calibrate the hearing aids depending on the needs of the individual. The shell is also moulded to the shape of your ear to create perfectly bespoke in-ear hearing aids.


This product features a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and can provide up to 24 hours of uninterrupted hearing with just 6 hours charging time. You can also do a quick charge of just 30 minutes and get up to 6 hours of continuous use, which is very handy if you just so happen to forget to charge them one night. The power of these specially crafted batteries will not deteriorate over time, unlike other alternatives which worsen with repeat charging. And with a whole host of smart charging options, you won’t have to periodically replace your battery and be without your hearing aids ever again.


The unique operating system used in the Phonak Virto B, called AutoSense OS, has the capacity to recognise your environment and adjusts the hearing aid to 200 unique settings automatically, meaning there is no need for manual adjustment. It is designed to adapt in even the most challenging of listening environments. For example, it enables you to drown out the background noise in a busy restaurant and zoom in on a single person’s voice effortlessly, thanks to Binaural VoiceStream Technology.


Users of these hearing aids also reported a 10% improvement in soft-speech understanding compared to Phonak’s previous product releases.

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