Are receiver-in-canal hearing aids right for me?

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are smaller and more discreet than the well-known and recognisable behind-the-ear hearing aids. They are powerful devices which can accommodate a range of hearing loss levels, right up to severe.

A tiny receiver is placed in the ear canal at a point where it still feels comfortable for you. It is encased in a soft silicon dome to minimise feedback and restrict damage from earwax and unwanted moisture. This guard can normally be replaced as part of the general maintenance of the hearing aid. By placing the receiver within your ear rather than outside of it, the sound quality is more natural.  

A thin electronic wire is trailed out of the ear to the main power source. This compact element sits neatly behind the ear and is so small that few people will even notice it if they aren’t actively looking. The difference between receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear hearing aids is that the former uses a slim wire which follows the contours of your ear, rather than a plastic tube. Given how slender the wire is, air is easily able to pass through your ear. This means that you can still use your natural hearing ability, in conjunction with the hearing aid.

One of the major advantages of using a receiver-in-canal hearing aid is how easily it can be adjusted to your level of hearing loss. Should the quality of your hearing continue to deteriorate, you simply need to switch out the receiver. If you’re confident in how to do it, this is something you can do yourself. Otherwise, a hearing aid dispenser will be more than happy to do it for you.

As the receiver is located so close to the eardrum, the volume needn’t be turned up quite so high. Ultimately, this saves valuable battery life.


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What type of receiver-in-canal hearing aid should I choose?

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are available in both standard and micro versions. The standard version is larger and so features a larger button for adjusting the volume. It would be particularly suitable for anyone who struggles with their fine motor skills (for example, buttoning clothes, writing or turning pages). Both types of hearing aid are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose one that best matches your skin tone.

If you aren’t sure whether the micro or standard hearing aid would be most suitable for you, please speak to a hearing aid dispenser.

Wireless accessories are available to help you get the most out of your hearing aid.


Finding Your Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid

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