Connecting To Your Phone

A common problem faced by people with hearing loss is trying to use the phone. Whether it’s missing the phone ringing or struggling to follow a conversation, you certainly aren’t alone.  Anyone who experiences hearing loss in both ears can find it particularly difficult to use a phone with just one ear. That’s why we recommend using a hearing aid compatible phone that connects directly to both hearing aids.

Available in both corded and cordless versions, these types of phone contain induction loop technology. This means that you simply need to turn on the T-loop function on your hearing aid. It should then automatically connect to the phone. T-loop technology is brilliant for cutting out interfering background noise, allowing you to clearly hear the conversation most important to you.

Sound is directly transmitted into your hearing aids where it is then amplified according to your personal requirements. Remember, it is the hearing aid that increases the volume not the phone itself. This means that other people in your home or office can use the phone perfectly comfortably without impacting on you or altering your settings.

Some hearing aid compatible phones will also allow you to direct dial your most frequent phone numbers for added convenience. Other available features include call blocking, wide range and slow playback for voicemail.


Tuning Into Multiple Conversations

Wireless accessories like microphones can be incredibly useful for helping you separate conversations from a noisy background. The microphone picks up sound from multiple directions and identifies which person is speaking. If you wish to tune into somebody else, whose perhaps having a secondary conversation within the group, there are manual controls that allow you to do so. With automatic volume adjustment, there is no need to constantly change the volume as different people speak.

If you experience hearing loss but wish to continue working, this type of technology can be vital. It allows you to better understand what is being said in any meeting, enabling you to participate more fully and offer your own thoughts.

These microphones are small and discreet enough that they can be clipped onto clothing or worn on a cord around the neck. With extensive battery life, you can be sure that you’ll stay connected throughout the day.


Turning Your Phone Into A Remote

Both Apple and Android smartphones now offer a range of apps to help people with hearing loss in their day-to-day lives. These include finding captioned film showings nearby and recording lectures, presentations and conversations. for you to play back later at a more suitable volume. When it comes to hearing aids, apps are available which allow you to easily change your hearing aid settings. This could simply be an adjustment of volume in one or both ears, or a switch of pre-set program.


Finding Wireless Accessories

We partner with highly experienced and skilled hearing aid dispensers around the country to help you stay connected to your life, helping to boost your confidence. Get in touch today to discuss whether wireless accessories could help make your life easier.

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